Sound parking management plays a key role in the economic health of any city. Well thought out parking strategies improve access to shops and businesses, and crowded areas of the city. As a city grows, parking operations become increasingly complex. For city managers to make sound decisions about parking, they need reliable information.

Currently parking information is obtained from analyzing parking revenues, and manually counting cars.

The use of technology can greatly enhance city manager’s ability to make well-informed decisions on policy, capacity and operations with confidence.

Frogparking lets you know the true status of every parking space in real time.

Frogparking sensors deliver the quality information that parking managers require for planning and decision-making. The use of the Frogparking solution also changes parking behavior by encouraging more people to comply with parking regulations, thereby providing a fairer system for all users – honest people are less likely to be subsidizing those that don’t pay for parking.

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Spidertracks was founded by Don Sandbrook within Sandbrook MacRae Limited, and formed as its own entity in 2007 to take the world’s first truly portable satellite based tracking system to the international market.

Spidertracks was developed to fill the gap in the market for an integrated GPS/satellite tracking system that wasn’t limited to the cellular phone network and coverage. Because the technology was leading edge, Spidertracks chose to partner with the world’s most comprehensive satellite network – Iridium, to bring clients an unparalleled package of technology and information delivery.

This partnership has attracted clients from across the globe who are looking for accurate flight, marine and vehicle tracking information to ensure the safety of their pilots and to increase the productivity of their businesses through improved tracking and planning.

Spidertracks are now in over 30 countries, and continues its solid reputation in the global aviation market.

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Seedspider is a range of innovative seeding equipment developed and manufactured by Sandbrook MacRae Limited over the past 15 years. Sandbrook MacRae Limited is focused on long-term reliability, with intelligent computer design, manufacturing and distribution strategies using the latest technologies and durable hi-tech materials.

The company founder, Don Sandbrook, after many years of working as a seeder designer, saw the opportunity to make a fresh start in the seeding technology industry. Banishing all preconceptions, he began with the optimum outcomes. He then carefully and methodically worked on how to deliver those benefits. The result was a revolutionary range of seeding machinery that offers unique advantages.

Seed Spider uses revolutionary technology developed and built to be faster, more accurate, easier to use and more cost competitive overall than any other seeding machinery available on the market.

The seeder controller uses Bluetooth technology, to wirelessly communicate and control the seeding rate. The integrated GPS allows the seeding rate to remain constant, as the tractors speed varies.

Each seed-metering controller has the ability to control up to 24 metering units, containing DC motors. Each DC motor has an optical encoder to provide feedback to the control system which enables accurate and precise RPM of the motor and seeding rate.

Seed Spiders are now sold in over 25 countries around the world, and the company continues to innovate to bring cutting edge technological solutions to the agricultural market.

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